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Swaid & Sons for Exchange Co. provides a fast, safe and cost effective package for money transfer Service. Finding the right partners is critical to providing an efficient money transfer service. If you want to become  a part of our growing agent network Just the following:-

  • Provide a license   Central Bank renewal  
  • Commercial Register
  • personal ID
  • Then sign the contract

For more information please call 8000600
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MAL Money Transfer

MAL Money Transfer

As part of our endeavour to provide the best banking services with the latest modern technologies and on the basis of achieving our aspirations and the aspirations of our customers, to keep pace with the accelerating events in the world of technology, and since it is important to be part of this development, the idea of ​​MAL for remittances came to meet the needs of our valued customers in line with this acceleration, taking into account the provision of reliable financial services in terms of speed, cost, quality, and coverage for most of the governorates of the Republic of Yemen through our network of agents, as MAL network has huge money transfer service operators at the local and international levels.

As it is considered one of the largest local networks to transfer money by providing its services through more than 1200 service points spread in all governorates of the republic in order to reach our customers everywhere, with the possibility of expansion to exceed this number of service provision points.

MAL for remittances aims at meeting the needs of individuals, governmental and non-governmental establishments, civil society organizations, and international and local organizations.

We strive to be the best by providing a quality and distinguished service that meets the needs of businessmen. We are working to create a stable and safe environment for them and thus support the national economy.

We work to create confidence in dealing with us by overcoming difficulties, protecting and guaranteeing transfers, as well as giving you the best prices.

The cadre working in MAL network is considered one of the best working cadres we have, and we strive to raise their level of performance through continuous training to keep pace with the requirements of this time. We are also committed to quality standards and all laws related to banking activity under the supervision of the Yemeni Central Bank, and adhering to principles that cannot be waived, such as credibility and honesty and dedication to serving the customer in our common interests.

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MAL is the name of trust from Swaid


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