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Swaid & Sons for Exchange Co. provides a fast, safe and cost effective package for money transfer Service. Finding the right partners is critical to providing an efficient money transfer service. If you want to become  a part of our growing agent network Just the following:-

  • Provide a license   Central Bank renewal  
  • Commercial Register
  • personal ID
  • Then sign the contract

For more information please call 8000600
Or direct number  01537676

Opening of Shahen branch }

Opening of Shahen branch

Nov 04, 2018

On Tuesday 1st of January 2019, opening of the new branch of Swaid & Sons for Exchange Co. in Yareem city General Street, Thus increasing of the number for branches of Swaid Company to twenty (20) branches. This opening reflects the company's commitment to continue delivering its services, which are in line with the needs and aspirations of our customers through our branch network. This branch was establishing to reflect this commitment, expansion and completion of the financial service provided by the company. which has been provided with the latest banking systems and techniques, with an expertise and competencies of our staff  , In order to uplift the quality of service in accordance with the best standards and specifications on this level . It is worth mentioning that our new branch offers to its customers a number of distinctive and integrated banking services such as: -   Buying and selling currencies. - Sending and receiving local - international remittances  - Payment of water bills, land line telephone and internet . - Payment of mobile networks   (MTN, SabaFon, Yemen mobile ,and Why ).