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Swaid & Sons for Exchange Co. provides a fast, safe and cost effective package for money transfer Service. Finding the right partners is critical to providing an efficient money transfer service. If you want to become  a part of our growing agent network Just the following:-

  • Provide a license   Central Bank renewal  
  • Commercial Register
  • personal ID
  • Then sign the contract

For more information please call 8000600
Or direct number  01537676

Our Services

  • Our goals

    • Adhering to the best standards and practices for corporate governance.
    • Offering high quality financial and banking services.
    • Meet the needs of the customer and satisfy satisfaction.
    • Using advanced technology and increasing the efficiency of operations
    • Create a wide and diverse network of local and international relations.
    • Rehabilitation and continuous training of human resources and job satisfaction.
    • Increase market share and enhance the competitive position of the company.
    • Raising the rate of return for partners
  • Our Values

    • Trust and commitment.
    • Respect confidentiality of customer information.
    • Excellence in banking services.
    • Creativity and development in the capacity of human resources
    • Community responsibility.

Our Partners

Dubai Remit}
Express Money}
Money Gram}
CAC Int. Bank}
Shift Money}
Al -Taif}
Alfardan Exchange}
western union}
Alfardan Exchange - UAE}
Al Fuad Exchange - UAE}
Al Zamil Exchange - Kuwait}
Al-Khalil Exchange - Djibouti}
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